What’s Happening ??? Hair Loss Factors

If you are wondering why your are thinning hair or in a medical term Alopecia, here are some Factors :

Heredity hair loss - hair fall - why

By the age of 60, about 65% of men have hair loss, the main reason is due to male pattern baldness and/or female pattern hair loss. Indeed women might not be bald but after a certain age noticeable thinning hair can be visible.

There is some medication on the market that can halt hair fallx, thee most common are based on Minoxidil or Finasteride. If after few months of treatment this is not working, you can consider transplant or graft hair.



It’s really common for women and men entering their 50s and 60s. The main reason is not really sure yet but it can that the hair root cells are also aging so not regenerating like when it was younger.

Not much can be done to have hair growing back except some hair loss treatment.


Physical Stress

This symptom is also call “telogen effluvium”. After a physical trauma that can be from a surgery, car crash, long disease, childbirth, dramatic weight loss to the simple flu.
The hair can still fall after 6 months after the trauma then it will continue to grow like before.
This can cause a temporary Hair Loss.


Emotional Stress

Emotional Stress might be less common than physical stress for hair loss but it can happen.
In our lifetime some hard times can explain that : divorce, death of a love one, caring for a parent, children, work…
Like the physical stress, this is a temporary hair loss as long as your emotional stress is low.

Here are some tips to manage your stress and anxiety : talk to someone like a trust one or a therapist, getting into more exercise, more activities like association or work.

hair loss factor - reasons revealed

Exceed of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is really important for our body.
The main benefits are : maintaining our immune system,  preventing macular degeneration and blindness, improving health of bones and teeth, protecting skin from acne and dryness.
… However too much can provokes some side effects : nausea, blurred vision, hair loss, irritability, anorexia, vomiting, headaches, muscle and abdominal pain and weakness.
Vitamin A is found concentrated in some supplements and medications, or in natural food the main sources are in : cod liver oil, liver, fish, carrot, cheese, sweet potato, squash and capsicum.

The Daily Value for Vitamin A is 5 000 IU (International Units) per day for a person over 4 years old. Some supplements and medications can contain 2 500 to 10 000 IU.

After not exceed the vitamin A for a weeks, the hair loss can stop to fall and then will regrow normally.


Lack of Protein

Protein is essential for a healthy body, here are some benefits :
– increased for : muscle mass, weight loss, bone density,  brain function, sleep wellness ;
– decreased for : risk of osteoporosis, blood pressure, level of cholesterol.

With a regularly lack of protein, after two to three months, your body will reduce or stop the hair growth production.

Some great sources of proteins are : fish, meat, eggs, spinach, broccoli, kale, beans, oatmeal, nuts, almond, quinoa, cottage cheese…



This concern mostly women, between their 20 to 50 about 10% suffers from anemia. The main reason of anemia is an iron deficiency which results to a lack of healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin.

Anemia is also a consequence of a lack of vitamin B. To regulate your vitamin B you need a balance diet, if you can’t… there are different vitamin B supplements.

Anemia can cause different symptoms like : headache, dizziness, fatigue, skin pallor, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat.



Hypothyroidism is the medical term for having an under active thyroid gland. It is situated in your neck and creates hormones which is necessary for your growth and development of your body and metabolism.
One of the symptom of a hypothyroidism is hair loss. Other effects can be low blood pressure, decrease heart rate,  cholesterol problems, numbness, depression, slow metabolism, skin disorder and bones fragility.

A diagnostic can be made by a doctor. Usually a synthetic thyroid medication will solve this problem, then your hair also will stop thinning.


hair loss - Alopecia Areata - Lupus

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is the consequence of the immune system overreacting. The Immune system detects the hair as a foreign an target it as a mistake.

Consult your doctor for prescription. When there is round patches on the head, the treatment is usually steroids injections. However the treatment can be unstable due to rejection so the hair can be growing back then falling again.



Lupus is an other consequence of the immune system overreacting. It is again the immune system which target by mistake the hair. The main difference with Alopecia Areata is that the hair loss can’t be grown back… There is no treatment for hair growth, you can just change hair style.



Chemotherapy is the use of any drug to treat any disease. More specifically, it refers to kill the cancer. Unfortunately, it can also cause hair loss…
Because the treatment has to be strong and to be quick to destroy the growing cancer cells, it’s also target other growing cells… like hair root on your scalp and the rest of the body.

Your hair will grow back after the chemotherapy is finished… but most of the time the hair will grow back differently, for example : different hair color, different hair texture (often curlier).



PCOS or Polystic Ovary Syndrome is women who have health issue because of hormone level disorder.
The main cause is not found yet but it seems to be hereditary by both parents sides.

PCOS most common symptoms are : Acne, hair loss on you scalp, hair growth in all your body except the scalp, weight gain, infertility, periods disorder and depression.



In order to cure diseases,  some medications (Antidepressants, Blood thinner, Anabolic Steroids…) are truly helpful but sometimes have side effects like thinning hair.

Before each treatments, ask your doctor the consequences of the drugs on your hair (during the treatment and after), maybe the dose of the prescription can be changed or change the medication.


Hair Styling

Over the years, some hair treatments and hair styling can cause hair to fall.
Here are some examples : tight braids, tight ponytail, hair waves, corn rows, chemical relaxer, straighten hair, hot-oil treatment, dyeing hair…

Avoid the most possible those kind of hairstyle, specially when you feel your hair are becoming fragile.


women pulling hair - Trichotillomania - hair fall


Trichollomania is the when someone compulsively pull their hair out. It is an impulsive control disorder. By doing this tic, hair is losing its protection.

Stop this tic in order to stop hair falling, if can’t doing by yourself, therapy can be possible with a specialist.



A low protein diet or extreme calorie restricted diet can can temporary hair loss. Because the protein is crucial for hair growth, after the diet the hair will grow again.


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