Crazy Tips To Grow Hair and To Reduce Hair Loss

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Hair Loss affects 85% of men before they’re 50


It can starts from your early 20’s in the worst case and the percentage to affect more men increase when they ages.


The good news is that losing hair has no consequences in your health, but psychologically it can be hard for some people (views of other persons, confidences, attractions with women, looks much older…).




Egg Wash – This technique is one of the first natural hair solution. Eggs are very high in proteins which can help your hair to be thick and strong, if eating them the organism will dispatch all the protein in your body so by using them directly to your hair you emphasis all the benefits to your hair. Just create a past by whisking some eggs, spread it to your hair for ten minutes then wash them.

Hair Massage – This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable way to prevent thinning hair. Because one of the main reason for losing hair is the lack of blood’s circulation in men’s scalp  which brings oxygen to hair follicles so stimulate the hair growth. Hair massage daily helps the blood to circulate again, emphasis in the area where there is less hair.

Coconut Milk – This is one way for adding to your food and drink some natural tropical flavor while helping the hair growth. Because it’s so rich in vitamins and nutrients which the hair and follicle need to be healthy therefore it protects actual hair and new ones can also regrow.


Things To Avoid

Stress – Is one the main reason that people got health issues, to the small headache to the heart attack. Many people who got a lot of stress have a tendency for losing hair for a short to a long period of time.

Sleep Deficiency – All your body needs to rest by sleeping in order to regenerate it. Like all pro athlete, they sleep about 7 to 8 daily and if possible adding a nap so all muscle can regenerate and grow like your hair.

Smoking – Not all smokers got hair loss but it can accentuated it and decrease your odds of reactivate hair regrowth. Because smoking reduces the circulation of the blood to the extremities of your hair and it also pollutes your blood therefore your liver. You now have one more good reason to quit smoking.




PROVILLUS Minoxidil Topical Solution – Hair Growth : Fast Home Treatment for Men

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Provillus is more effective than other hair growth treatment, because of it’s unique extra-strength formula :provillus-for-men-stop losing hair

  1. Minoxidil helps oven veins when applied as a topical solution. When this solution is applied directly to areas of baldness, this can help increase blood flow and maintain a healthy, full scalp by reactivating  hair’s natural growth process at the root.
  2. Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to the follicle. This could also help replace thinner hair with thicker strands.
  3. While remaining 100% safe and painless because of it’s formula, it is also very effective

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